Not Really Saying Goodbye- The Break and The Break up

I have been gone a while. I took a much needed break to boost clear my head and even boost my confidence. In the midst of that break… I broke up with my partner of 3 years. I wanted to wait before I posted something because I wanted to arrange my feeling in place of peace and not anger or sadness.

I want to keep the reasons brief. It wasn’t working out. In my opinion things were moving to fast, and certain issues on both of our parts had not been rectified before falling into a relationship. We wanted to be each other safe place, but in the words of Warsan Shire ” You can’t make homes out of human beings.” Had I ever stop to think for a second… I would have known I wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready. It has little to do with disorders, but more to do with me.  I thought that I could fix  my broken heart with a nice guy. So the sake of all of us… I felt it best to separate.