I wasn’t ready. I was journalist with 7 years of experience. I worked for a major news outlet. But then I got pregnant.

There was no more parties. There was no more going to clubs on my off days. There was no more visiting friends in NYC. I couldn’t just up and move where or whenever. I was now someone’s mom.

On top of that I was engaged to Marine who struggles with PTSD. He is great guy. He puts you in the mind Big Bird. He’s also super intelligent but very immature.

Then there is my son. They say everything changes when you have kids. It did for me. My son is my little buddy. He is the star to my Invincible Super Mario.

It was kind of a surprise because I had been told for years that it would be really hard for me to get pregnant. So I dedicated my life to my career and having fun. I was afraid I would have to change completely. No more champagne and chocolate cake. But you don’t have to change who you are to be a good mom (well for some people). You just are now responsible for this tiny ball of energy;Just be your reposible you. Save champagne and chocolate cake for bedtime.


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